(CNN) — There are some serious perks to just being nominated for an Oscar.

Forbes said the “gift bag” for Academy Award nominees is worth $215,000 this year… That’s up nearly $70,000 from last year. All 24 acting and directing nominees get one; bringing the total value to 5.2 million dollars.

A product-placement and celebrity marketing company called ‘Distinctive Assets’ is behind all the freebies.

The most expensive item this year: a $78,000, 12-day cruise.

There’s also a year’s membership to a dating service worth $20,000 and up to $25,000 in cosmetic procedures from a New York City doctor. On the lower price end, don’t forget about the cannabis chocolate edibles.

The gift bags are delivered to the nominees in suitcases the week before the Feb. 9 Oscars ceremony.

Usually one nominee refuses to accept it, and may have it donated to charity. So far no one has turned it down this year.

And it’s not all free… Recipients are required to pay income tax on the value of the gifts they redeem.