Review: ‘Malcolm & Marie’, the classic love story we didn’t know we needed


*Spoiler alert.*

‘Malcolm & Marie’ is a ‘love it or hate it’ film that takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster that you may not be able to get in any other film.

What feels like a release of bottled up emotions, the movie makes you take a second look at your own relationships and identify some of their toxic traits.

The pandemic- made film worked its magic with a 22 person crew and has already started racking up a number of awards.

The movie opens up with the couple coming home from where the viewer later learns is Malcolm’s most important night of his life as a filmmaker.

The opening scene of him dancing and celebrating in the kitchen makes sense.

The highly awaited film premiered on Netflix on February 5th, after receiving criticism because of the age difference between Zendaya and John David Washington.

Keep in mind, Zendaya is 24 and John David Washington is 36.

Contrary to popular belief, people may think that Zendaya is younger than she is because she usually plays younger roles. Unfortunately, Disney stars have a difficult time growing up in the industry.

The movie opens as a black and white film, which surprised most people, even after seeing that the poster for the movie was in black and white.

You would assume it is set in the 1960s-70s considering the choice of music.

The soundtrack alone acts as a medium between the characters and the dialogue.

You can see the characters using more advanced technology, like smartphones, which brings you back to the present day.

It was when Marie goes out for a cigarette, while Malcolm continues to talk, that you notice her energy is off.

The film is a “one room-set movie”, which oftentimes encourages a great dialogue.

The movie tackles topics on race and identity, and how that blends together in the world of filmmaking, all while moving to a deeper conversation the entire movie is based on…an argument.

Marie first denies the fact she is angry with Malcolm until it all comes to a head.

‘Malcolm & Marie’ dissects what it means to love someone and shows it through the trials and tribulations of a war of words between a male and a female.

At first glance, Marie seems more grounded while Malcolm seems like a dreamer.

She is at first meek and is objectified by her significant other.

Malcolm, rambles on about his accomplishments, clearly wants to engage in intercourse, while Marie is making him a bowl of mac and cheese.

Marie begins to explain her feelings of being taken advantage of and a confused Malcolm’s ego cannot fathom the magnitude of Marie’s emotions and how she only wanted to be acknowledged.

The conversation takes a turn when Malcolm begins to expose some of Marie’s shortcomings as a recovering drug addict.

The characters play a game of tit for tat and eventually leads the viewer to pick sides.

During the bathroom scene, Marie strips down out of her clothes, and you can literally start to see the character strip down to who she really is.

This is the climax of the film.

I believe the writers dug deep to show the true depth of who humans are and how it can be the people that love you the most can hurt you the most.

This scene, let alone the entire film, shows the true connection between the characters and the viewers.

Deep down inside we all have our ‘things’. The good, bad and ugly.

Without giving away too many details, Malcolm’s character laid it all bare and showed his ugly side.

In the end, Marie, even after the two showed every side there is to show, was still there for Malcolm.

It raises questions, is that real love and who won the argument?

That’s for you to decide.

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