Last week the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen announced that they will be adding 96-acres to their current 175-acre operation. “Well we’re expanding which is really really nice,” Said Susie Coston, The National Shelter Director for Farm Sanctuary. “We bought the neighboring acreage so we have an extra 96 acres, and we are moving the animals we had at our Northern California location, we have 2 California sanctuaries, and so the Northern California location will be closing down and the animals will be coming here.” 

With that location closing in Northern California, many animals from that sanctuary will need a new home. Nearly 200 of them will soon be calling Watkins Glen their forever home. Others, who may be too old to travel that long distance will be relocated to Southern California where another Farm Sanctuary is located. But why bring these animals all the way to Watkins Glen?

“Health-wise it’s going to be much better for the animals, it’s extremely hot there there’s so many things strategically, so it’s a really good move, we don’t get a lot of visitors out there because of the location,” Said Coston. “And we are right by Cornell which is one of the best things about being in this location, which gives us access to the best vet care in the country so we are very happy.”

Currently there are three Farm Sanctuaries in the country and they are working with a sister sanctuary in New Jersey which they hope to have online next year. “We’re just very very excited, I travel to all the locations, so it’s gonna be really nice to kinda have the whole staff together,” Coston said. “That sanctuary is very remote, it’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere, not as much access so not as many guests, so this way we’re going to be able to reach more people, a lot of people love the animals from the California sanctuary, so they will be able to come here and see them so we are very excited.”