ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – The FBI’s 2022 “Crime in the Nation” report shows most crimes in the City of Elmira declined last year, except for rape and aggravated assault.

The report shows a nearly 34% increase in the “All Violent Crimes” category, from 59 in 2020 to 79 in 2022. Violent crimes include Homicide, Rape, Aggravated Assault and Robbery. The FBI says you don’t see data for 2021 because police departments were transitioning to a new records system.

The report shows Aggravated assaults nearly doubled, from 32 in 2020 to 60 in 2022.

There were 5 rapes reported in 2022. That’s after zero rapes were reported in Elmira since 2018. Two rapes were reported in 2017. Two rapes were reported in 2016.

The report shows all other crime categories declined in 2022.

Homicides declined from 2 to 1.

Reported robberies declined from 25 in 2020, to 13 in 2022.

“All property crimes” declined from 812 in 2020, to 752 in 2022.

Reported larcenies ticked down from 684 to 660.

Reported burglaries declined from 87 to 67.

Reported motor vehicle thefts declined from 41 to 25.

Reported arsons dropped from 41 in 2020 to 0 in 2022.

The Elmira Police Department says the FBI report incorrectly shows zero “cleared” or closed cases in each category. The department says that’s because of its own transition to a new reporting system. In an email, Lt. Yuri Charlanow told 18 News:

“As to why our clearance does not show on their site, a representative from DCJS states “The reason is because incident case status is collected through NIBRS only, and not through UCR/Summary reporting. Accordingly, that information is available for the department beginning on 11/1/22, when you switched over to NIBRS. “  We continued in a testing period for six months, which concluded in April 2023.” 

We asked Elmira Police for data on all arrests made in 2022. It shows the largest number of arrests, 229, were for larceny. 110 people were arrested for simple assault. 72 people were arrested for aggravated assault. 179 people were arrested for possession of a controlled substance. 1 person was arrested for rape. 7 people were arrested for sex offenses. 3 people were arrested for murder. You can view the full breakdown of arrests below:

On Facebook Monday, the Elmira Police Department announced nine officers graduated from the Southern Tier Law Enforcement Academy. In the post, the department said:

“On October 27, 2023 The Southern Tier Law Enforcement Academy hosted the Graduation Ceremony for their 44th Session. Elmira Police Chief Thorne attended the event at the Corning Community College main campus. The Elmira Police Department would like to congratulate all 27 graduates from this session. 9 of these graduates being Elmira Police Officers that have recently completed their post Academy Field Training and can be seen around the City of Elmira answering calls for service. These Officers being: Officer Joseph Messmer, Officer Tyler Stevens, Officer Derek BeGell, Officer Jacob Cook, Officer James Givens, Officer Curt Gustafson, Officer Mason Moore, Officer Shyonna Pacheco and Officer Dalton Guisewhite. A special acknowledgment for Officer Derek Begell for earning the Outstanding Firearms Award, Officer Joseph Messmer for earning the Outstanding Physical Fitness Award and Officer Jacob Cook for earning one of the Director’s Awards. The Elmira Police Department is proud to have such a good group of Officers to come out of this Session.”