CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) – With the attacks in Israel becoming seemingly more and more standard each day, you may be beginning to wonder more about what people are doing over there and if this will all come to an end.

Today, 18 News spoke with Hailey Bicknell, who formerly played for ASA Tel Aviv, a soccer team in Israel, around a year ago. Bicknell said that even when she was living there, there were threats to worry about when it came to bombings or missiles being fired off, but now she says it’s different. Her friends have told her that what is going on now presents a feeling they have never felt before.

“A couple of my friends have been called up into the reserves, some younger, some older, and the ones I’ve heard from that are in the South, one in particular, said that he has never seen evil like this before,” said Bicknell.

This note from Bicknell refers to how most of her friends over in Israel have been called to action in the military.

This is a fight that has been going on since the mid-1900s, and Bicknell reflected on how resolutions have been drafted but none have been set in stone. Now, it has all built up into a total war.

“I don’t think the question is are you pro Palestine or are you pro Israel and you have to choose a side,” said Bicknell. “I think we’re pro human and we should be fighting for human life.”

Another thing that Bicknell mentioned was FIRM, The Fellowship of Israeli Related Ministries. This is an organization that helps one of the 200 plus hostages that are being held captive. For more information on the organization, you can view the video below:

The full interview with Bicknell can be found below where she answers more questions and goes into more detail about what she knows to be happening over in Israel: