ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Former Rochester radio hosts of “Kimberly and Beck” have released an apology video addressing the racist comments they made on air last week.

Last Tuesday, host Kimberly Ray was talking about the beating of a woman on Monroe Avenue during the violent riots in Rochester and asked if the black men involved were — in her words — acting “N-word-ly.”

Ray didn’t use the actual N-word, but said “N-word-ly,” and “N-word-ish.” Ray and co-host Barry Beck were promptly fired the next day by iHeartRadio.

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In a new video released at midnight Thursday, the pair apologized for their racist remarks, and said that they are not racist.

You can see their full video in the player above and the full transcription of their apology below.

The Kimberly and Beck show has had its fair share of controversies. Back in March, when the coronavirus was just beginning to hit Monroe County — during a segment on if the virus was “overhyped” — Beck said COVID-19 was “the KKK of diseases,” and then said “white people matter.”

Beck’s comments came after a caller into the show said that deaths related to the virus were mostly white people, and that “very few black people have died from the virus.”

On the contrary, data has showed New York state’s death toll from COVID-19 has been disproportionately high in black and Hispanic communities, especially in New York City.

The pair were also fired from their previous station back in 2014 for “hateful remarks against the transgender community.”