It’s now easier and more affordable than ever to care for your pet, thanks to a number of free and reduced cost programs provided by the Chemung County SPCA. One of the shelter’s most popular, and important initiatives being their spay and neuter program.

“It’s a very easy procedure, it doesn’t even really take that long. I have never seen any problems with our spay and neuter clinic but complications can occur but they are so incredibly rare this day in age that I really would urge folks to relax when taking their pet to be spayed and neutered,” Tom Geroy, Executive Director of the Chemung County SPCA said.

Geroy says spaying and neutering serves a number of purposes and can be performed on animals as young as 2-months-old.

“There are a number of cancers that can be prevented by spaying and neutering your pets and also again it reduces roaming behaviors and when your pets aren’t out roaming they’re less likely to for example get hit by cars or also to get lost,” Geroy said.

If your pet does get lost, you can rest assured if you take advantage of the shelter’s free microchip clinics available to income eligible pet owners.

“Microchips are just a great way to ensure the safety of your pet in an event that they were lost and get them home much quicker and it’s an ID method that’s not going to fall off, it’s not going to get lost, it’s with them forever,” Geroy said.

“If we can reduce over population we reduce the burden on shelters and we reduce the number of unwanted pets so it’s a win-win all around,” Geroy said.

For more information on the Chemung County SPCA’s free or reduced cost rabies, microchip, or spay and neuter clinics click here.