ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Fulkerson Winery in Dundee, N.Y. will host a Derby at the Vineyard come June, and it’s not your traditional horse competition, Regina Fulkerson of Fulkerson Winery said.

“It’s an equestrian event that involves horses and riders throughout the day showing their horses over jumps, so they’ll be a course set up where riders will show their horses over 10 to 12 jumps; and there will be a judge there to judge them on a variety of different criteria,” said Fulkerson.

The winery has family ties, with seven generations of farming, said Fulkerson.

“We have an extensive family history, we’re tied to the land,” said Fulkerson. “My daughter, she’s the eigth generation of the Fulkerson family to live on the farm, and who knows, maybe work on the farm someday,” she added.

Fulkerson hopes to bring lots of people out to the farm for a day of fun, food, and good ole competition.

“Not only do we have wine and beer selections, so your traditional wine Toulon activities, we also have a walking trail,” said Fulkerson. “There’s around a 3-mile walking trail that people can find and follow through the vineyards,” she added. “We also just recently opened a disc-golf course,” Fulkerson said.

The derby will talk place on Saturday, June 18th, and Fulkerson said they are the first to host an event like this in New York State.