ELMIRA, NY (WETM)- After a tragic mass shooting took place in Buffalo this past weekend, many Americans are wondering if this is enough to change gun laws.

“America is at war with itself,” says Political Analyst Dr. Stephen Coleman.

Each state has their own policy when it comes to gun laws, to get them would change it would take time and effort.

“So this has got to stop there should be national standards, and not a patchwork of different laws in different states that really lead to loopholes we’re crazy people can get guns. Crazy people filled with hate, can kill like the fellow did in Buffalo over the weekend gunning down and killing 10 Black Americans,” says Coleman.

He adds that we are the only country with this problem, weekend after weekend is filled with violence and crime.

Coming up next month, local leaders and public figures will gather to discuss the violence in America, as well as the mass shooting in Buffalo.

Dr. Stephen Coleman 28th Political Pundit night is taking place June 9th from 7 to 9, livestreamed exclusively on WETM.