(WETM) – If you are experiencing dry skin this winter, you’re not alone. It happens to many of us.

“As you may notice, when the temperature drops the humidity drops, and our furnaces turn on and all of those things take moisture out of the air,” explained Amy Kassouf, MD, dermatologist for Cleveland Clinic. ”And so as the moisture balances in the air, it actually pulls it out of our skin and that makes us feel much dryer.” 

Dr. Kassouf said signs a person is dealing with dry skin can include flakiness, itchiness, tightness and cracked skin.

So, what can you do to help treat this issue? She said avoid waterier moisturizers, which will dry too fast and won’t offer much soothing relief. Instead, stick with ones on the richer side that create a thicker barrier on the skin. 

You don’t need to buy an expensive name brand moisturizer either. Drugstore products are just as effective.

Dr. Kassouf said in some cases, she even has people with eczema and other skin diseases use a basic food grade oil.

“A little olive oil, a little coconut oil when you’re still a little bit warm from the shower and hydrated,” she advised. “You put that little bit of oil, which has no preservatives, no fragrances, nothing else, right on the skin and it locks in that moisture, that’s probably the best.” 

Dr. Kassouf said as far as cleansers go, make sure it’s a foaming one. It will do a better job of removing impurities. Then follow it up with some moisturizer. 

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen too! People are at risk for skin cancer any time of year.