Health violations and hazards found at Hometown Teams BBQ


A recent inspection of Hometown Teams BBQ in the Arnot Mall found five public health hazards and seven violations.

According to the Food Service Establishment Inspection Summary Report, Hometown Teams BBQ, owned by Andrew Sample and Sample This Barbeque LLC., several critical violations were found during the April 16 inspection.

All five public health hazards were corrected by the restaurant during the inspection.

  • Two cases of improper cooling and refrigerated storage of potentially hazardous foods
    • Two racks of ribs found in portable cooler at a temperature of 56F throughout. Operator voluntarily discarded ribs.
    • Large 11lbs brisket at temperature of 124F in middle and 110F on the outside, wrapped in foil in large bus pan, stored in walk-in cooler. Operator voluntarily removed foil from brisket, cut in half, and placed on sheet pan back into cold holding. 
  • Three cases of inadequate cooking and reheating of potentially hazardous foods
    • Large disposable aluminum pan of pulled pork (~7lbs) with a temperature of 120F on the inside and 133F in the middle of pan.
    • Large disposable aluminum pan of brisket (~7lbs) with a temperature of 112F on the inside and 115F in the middle of pan. 
    • Large crock pot filled with macaroni and cheese at a temperature of 180F on the outside, and 115F in middle. 
  • One case of food not protected in general
    • Observed numerous uncovered foods (jar of pickles on cold holding prep counter, hot sauces in dish room, sliced American cheese stored in walk-in cooler) throughout facility.
  • One case of poor sanitary design, construction, installation of equipment and utensils
    • Observed accumulated food debris throughout facility including, food contact surfaces, such as stainless steel food prep tables and cutting boards.
  • Three cases of improper cleaning, washing and sanitizing of equipment and utensils
    • Wiping cloth not stored in sanitizer used to wipe cutting board. Observed wet wiping cloth not stored in sanitizer hanging on hand-wash sink.
    • Dirty dishes throughout facility.
    • Shelves of walk-in cooler unclean, accumulating food.
  • One case of improper garbage and rubbish disposal
    • Buckets full of grease in back office area of facility. Advised operator to remove grease from facility.
  • Improper construction and maintenance of physical facility 
    • Floors, walls, ceilings, not smooth, properly constructed, in disrepair, dirty surfaces

Sample is facing charges of grand larceny for allegedly failing to pay his employees of the now-closed restaurant “Sample This Barbecue.” 

Court documents state that Sample owes his employees thousands of dollars in back pay. 

He is also facing theft charges in a separate case – Adecco, an employment service out of Corning, claims Sample owes them $99,000. 

“Sample This Barbecue” shuttered its doors in August of 2018. Employees maintain that they were not made aware of the plans to close the restaurant ahead of time. 

“He told us prior to hiring us that he would give us a two-week notice if anything happened and that the employees would be paid first,” said one employee back in August. “Sunday night we got a text asking me if I could cover the Tuesday and Wednesday shift. I said yes, and then Monday morning comes along and I hear the business is closed.”

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