The rising cost of gas is spanning across the map with prices nearing $5 a gallon in the Twin Tiers.

Dale McArthur, an area resident, shared how often he fuels up his car with gas.

“Filling up, not too often,” said McArthur. “I might put $30 in it, and do less driving,” he added.

While gas prices continue to increase, many question how much more they will go up said McArthur.

“When I was growing up, I mean gas was like $.45 a gallon, so now, it went up in the last couple of weeks,” said McArthur. “I wrote it down in the car the last time I was here, and I looked at it because I went by some gas station before I was here, and they were up higher,” he added.

The Biden Administration said they are tackling the issue.

“I think our policies help, not hurt,” said Biden.

McArthur said both he and his wife are frugal when they go out for a drive.

“You know the wife doesn’t go far, she just goes to Wegmans and back, you know, the doctors or whatever,” said McArthur.

One thing McArthur said he wants lawmakers to know.

“Lower the gas, the price, lower the price,” said McArthur. “I mean, it’s hurting a lot of people; it’s just too costly,” he added.