The Hornell Area Humane Society will soon see a funding cut of 77 percent from the City of Hornell, unless an agreement can be reached.

The announcement was made last week by City Mayor John Buckley.

“Residents were voicing their concerns and a lot of people are big animal lovers,” Mary Nisbet, the director of the Hornell Area Humane Society, said.

The Humane Society would get $8,500 down from $37,500 it received annually from the city since 2009. It also said it would suspended animal services.

In a response posted by WLEA-AM radio, the mayor said the cut was decided because five other municipalities’ combined animal control funding equals Hornell’s funding amount.

He also cited a New York State law that says no municipality is required to spend more on animal services than it receives in revenue.

“I believe it was fiscal reasons that was the biggest thing for him,” Nisbet said. “He’s concerned with the tax payers and as mayor of course that makes sense.”

In the meantime the Humane Society will get it’s budgeted $37,500, but Nisbet said it’s still uncertain when an agreement will be reached.

“We do hope that we can come to terms that agree with both sides,” Nisbet said, “and of course the animals come out on top.”

18 News reached out to Mayor Buckley’s office. He declined to comment citing confidentiality reasons.