Hot cars are potentially life threatening, how you can stay safe


ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM-TV) – With the impending heat wave that is going to bake the Twin Tiers, we want to remind you of the dangers your car can pose just sitting in a parking lot.

We decided to conduct an experiment with one of our news cars, a black Nissan Rogue. We chose black because over 60% of new cars sold in the U.S. are black, so this will act as a worse case scenario.

The outside temperature at the time of the test was around 80 degrees. We placed a household thermometer in the driver’s seat of the car and starting the timer.

After 5 minutes, the thermometer was reading 105 degrees on the inside of the car. This was conducted in the early afternoon, so approaching the heat of the day. After 10 minutes the temperature inside the car had rose to 110 degrees.

Surfaces inside and outside the car were also very hot. The dashboard, at its hottest place, read 171 degrees. An infrared thermometer was used to take surface temperatures. The seats read 141 degrees and the hood of the car read 140 degrees.

Finally, after 15 minutes, the thermometer we were using topped out at 120 degrees. Depending on the accuracy of the thermometer, it could have been hotter.

This experiment shows that the temperature inside a car can increase significantly in a very short amount of time. These temperatures can pose serious health risks to anyone left inside a car.

Never, ever leave anyone, pets included inside a hot car as it could be potentially life threatening.

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