ELMIRA, NY (WETM)- With the summer months approaching and COVID numbers on the rise, there are some things you can do to ‘COVID proof’ your home.

If someone in your family tests positive, there are some things you should do to help stop the spread, according to Infectious Disease Specialist with Arnot Heath, Dr. Justin Nistico.

First, if someone living in the house is immunocompromised, find a safe place for them that’s away from the individual with COVID.

Second, if your child has it, the best thing a primary caregiver can do is wash your hands regularly and wear a mask if the child is coughing or sneezing.

Third, if the whole family has it, look into ways to get food and other essentials delivered to you whether that be a delivery service or another family member that is not living in the house.

As for the house itself, it’s important to keep it well ventilated.

“Air conditioning units have those filters that people have, you can actually look up certain filters that would be well rated for the spread of the virus in the household,” says Dr. Nistico.

Other ways to help reduce the spread is by keeping your windows open and having your fans on.

Dr. Nistico says you can also get a box fan, open a window, and have the fan pointing outwards to help with ventilation.

If you’re planning on traveling this summer, Dr. Nistico also offers some ways to keep you and your family safe while traveling.

“If you’re going to just be traveling, you can try your best to wear a mask, socially distance and keep good hand hygiene practices for the family while you travel. When you arrive at a destination eating obviously people are going to have dinner out sometimes or you know they may prepare for dinner you know in restaurants. So you can always consider options of dining on patios or outside they might have options like that now,” says Nistico.

He recommends that if you aren’t vaccinated and plan on traveling, you should get vaccinated to protect yourself and everyone around you.