Shared workspaces are becoming increasingly common. The problem is, not everyone takes care of shared equipment the same way you do.

That can cause issues, whether it’s passive aggressive messages, emails circulating, or even workplace violence. HR experts say it’s best to discuss the issue as soon as possible.

“If you let things like that go again it can blow up into a major issue at times,” HR consultant and Business Administration Professor at Elmira College Matthew Burr said. “You know somebody’s got music on that you don’t like, ask them to turn it down or the headphones would be a good option too. I definitely think that if you’re sitting right next to someone, leaving a note or sending them an email would be probably not the right response.”

Burr said if the issue is widespread, an email might work best, but for a single issue, face to face contact is usually best, even if it is a little awkward.