UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Halloween is right around the corner and we spoke with a Bassett Healthcare expert who tells us this year it is safe for children to trick-or-treat, but COVID precautions should still be followed.

“For COVID safety during Halloween the most important thing to think is outside so outdoor activities are inherently safer than indoor ones,” said Bassett Pediatrician Dr. William Fredette.

If you are planning on attending an indoor activity, Fredette suggests that you where a mask. However, when it comes to wearing masks, it is important to remember that Halloween masks do not protect against COVID in the same way that surgical masks do.

“Masks they wear in schools and other indoor settings are what kids should be wearing if they’re going to be indoors Halloween parties costume parades and those kinds of things. We caution against wearing that mask and then a costume mask over it though because that can cause some issues when it comes to breathing,” said Fredette.

When trick-or-treating…Fredette suggests that children stay in small groups while social distancing as much as possible, and remember that they could be coming in contact with people who are not vaccinated. Fredette explains that parents should not be worried about covid-19 being transmitted through candy.

“COVID is much more commonly spread through the air but the AP is recommending that children wash their hands before they eat any of the treats that they pick up on Sunday,” said Fredette.