ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — An 18 News reporter spoke to Chamberlain Acres owner Glenn Miller about how to protect your plants ahead of tonight’s freeze.

Any plants left outside are at risk during a hard freeze. Plants in pots should be taken inside and plants in the ground should be covered the night before a freeze is set to take place. According to Miller, all vegetables and annuals in the ground should be covered.

“When you’re covering plants like that, don’t use plastic,” said Miller. Plastic allows the cold to seep through and doesn’t protect your plants. Miller recommends using cloth to cover your plants. He said he knows some people who use paper, but cloth is best. You should also use something to prop up the cloth so it doesn’t directly touch your plants. Miller said using a plastic plant pot should be fine for this.

Trees and other perennials (plants that regrow every year) don’t need to be covered, but Miller said you can cover perennials to try to protect them. Trees and perennials may sustain some cosmetic damage, but they should be okay.

Instead of watering plants the night before a freeze, Miller said it’s best to wait until the next day. You can uncover your plants as soon as temperatures rise in the morning.