ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – 18 News has confirmed plans to build a splash pad on Riverfront Park, near the corner of North Main and Water Street, have been replaced by a project to build an artistic fountain instead.

“Originally the park was going to have a splash pad. We will not proceed with a splash pad,” said Elmira City Manager Michael Collins. “We do have an art piece that will be put down there that will be a fountain, but not a fountain that people will be able to get in and swim in.”

“Why was a decision made to go in a different direction?” asked 18 News reporter Nicolas Dubina.

“Our understanding is the company that was going to install the splash pad was not able to get in all of the equipment. Once the equipment did come in, they were not able to do the installation. So that’s how we’re going to utilize the parts for the splash pad at Brand Park.”

“What was the nature of the problem if I may ask, why were they not able to do it?” Dubina asked.

“Everything was supposed to be done last year,” said Collins. “Everything kept being put on hold because parts were not able to be delivered in an appropriate time. So, after the splash pad took a while for the installation, a new concept was redesigned to do a fountain there that would not be a splash pad.”

City Manager Collins showed 18 News a design for the new fountain. He said it’s too early to estimate when the project could be completed.