Is your car battery ready for winter?


The single-digit temperatures are closing in on the Twin Tiers and could cause some problems for vehicles.

Starting up your car and letting it run will help the engine warm up, but don’t stop there. Once the battery is warm, turn the vehicle off, and grab a blanket or towel to cover the battery and close the hood. 

Tim Sennett from AAA says this will help retain the heat, but to ensure the vehicle starts he recommends buying a battery jump pack. 

“You can get one of these little handy battery jump packs that they sell,” Sennett said. “Now they retail somewhere from $100 to $150. It’s something small that you can carry in your car and you can jump start your car anywhere at anytime.”

You can also plug the battery jump pack into a house current by hooking it up to your car battery overnight to keep your battery fully charged.

For those of you who do have trouble starting your car, AAA is already preparing for the influx of calls 

“When we know the weather events are coming, we staff up our guys extra and we start our shifts a little earlier during the drive time window when people are going to be out there starting their cars up,” Sam LoVetro, owner of LoVetro Automotive said. “So we will have people available to help you out and get your batteries started.”

“If you notice that your key won’t turn it’s probably because it’s frozen so a simple (spray) can like this can come in handy,” LoVetro said. “Its not a bad idea to carry a can of deicer. This will also melt the ice off the window and you can spray it directly into your locks and it will help to free up the locks that are frozen.”

AAA says the shelf-life for a battery is no more than six years. LoVetro recommends getting your battery checked whenever you get your car serviced. 

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