ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – The recent passing of the Clean Water Standards bill known as the PFAS 2.0 Act by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Chris Pappas of New Hampshire, is aimed at protecting the waterways.  

Lauren Balsamo, a Bluefield Research Water Analyst said the water has become not as pure as it should be.

“In New York State, you do see contamination sites that are linked to both landfills, industrial sites, as well as, military sites,” said Balsamo.

The recent legislation is one measure helping to ensure a safer water supply for all, Balsamo said.

“Both this state action and the federal government action once these standards are implemented is really gonna propel the states to take action, and systems across the state to really identify and remediate their water system,” said Balsamo.

You can inquire about testing of your H20 from your supplier, or local water board to ensure your drinking water is safe to consume Balsamo said.

“No standard drinking water treatment or wastewater treatment process is effective at completely removing them,” said Balsamo. “You have to have the proper drinking water treatment installed in order to remove the contaminants, as well as, and wastewater systems actually can make the concentrations more,” Balsamo said.

Balsamo said the crackdown on water contaminants is new, and it’s on local communities to test and up to residents to know that there are funds available to help through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.