Journey through the NICU Part 1: Micro preemie Thompson twins struggle to survive


Newlyweds Megan and Ryan Thompson were overjoyed to learn they were expecting. Then, at their first ultrasound, some unexpected news. 

“She was like, ‘so how do we feel about twins?’ and we were shocked,” Bath resident Megan Thompson said. 

Twin boys! The proud mom and dad to-be dreaming of two star athletes. Those dreams however quickly turned into a nightmare. 

“When I had just turned 23 weeks, I woke up and my water had broke,” Megan said. 

Megan was rushed to Arnot Ogden Medical Center in Elmira where her temperature spiked and doctors had to perform an emergency C-section. Colson and Kase Thompson were born about 4 months early. The micro preemies weighed in at just over one pound each. The boys were taken to the neonatal intensive care unit before their mother even got to hold them. 

“I watched them hook them all up. It was scary seeing them that small and all the wires and everything. I’ve seen it before but when it’s your own children it takes it to a different level,” Bath resident Ryan Thompson said. 

That day was followed by countless others filled with ups, and downs as the tiny Thompson twins struggled to hang on. 

“When we were anticipating something good happening we were always a little bit on reserve because we knew there was always a possibility that we would be taking some steps back or that something bad could happen,” Megan said. 

Things quickly went from bad, to worse. Colson dealing with a number of severe health issues, one that would require a very risky surgery. 

“Chances were he probably wasn’t going to survive the surgery so we decided to let him go with us…so after 11 days Colson passed away,” Megan said. 

Kase continued his fight, now with a guardian angel watching over him. 

“He has chronic lung disease which required oxygen on and off, and he was on some very intensive vents, and he had the tubes going into his lungs for about a month,” Megan said. 

Despite some setbacks Kase continued to improve getting stronger everyday. The memory of his brother however, a constant reminder of what could happen. 

“You feel everything. You feel jealousy, you feel guilt, you feel pride when they’re doing amazing, you feel angry, you ask why a lot. In the end, being able to bring him home was all worth it,” Megan said. 

After nearly 4 months, the Thompsons finally brought little Kase home. But, it was a bittersweet moment for the new family. 

“We were overjoyed but at the same time we should’ve been bringing two babies home and we weren’t. That was very painful for us and that’s something that we’re going to have to deal with for a long time, but I feel comfortable with the decision we made and I know that Kase has a very special guardian angel looking over him and taking care of him for us too,” Megan said. 

Check back throughout the rest of the week for part 2 and 3 of the Thompson’s story, and click here for a special web extra on postpartum depression. 

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