Jurors Hear Closing Arguements in Xbox Murder Trial

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On Thursday jurors in Akeem Williams’ murder trial heard closing arguments from both attorneys.

Defense attorney John Brennan focused on the trajectory of the bullet.  He reiterated the medical examiner’s testimony that the bullet could have been fired from the gun one of two ways.

It was either held up high in the air and fired in a downward direction, or it was fired straight on and struck Tiko Head while he twisting his right shoulder forward; that version of events would corroborate Williams’ testimony that there was a struggle for the gun.

Brennan also talked about the two unknown DNA profiles found on the gun and the fact that a sample from Head was never submitted for testing.

Lastly Brennan talked about intent. He said if Williams was intending to kill Head, he would have fired more than one bullet once he saw the initial shot didn’t kill Head.

Jurors then heard from Assistant District Attorney John Thweatt.

Thweatt told the jury to consider the fact that Williams lied to police about his involvement in the shooting. Williams initially told police he wasn’t even at the house on West Second Street on the night in question.

He also reminded the jury that Williams fled the scene and took the gun with him.

Lastly he talked about the mechanics of the supposed struggle that took place between Williams and Head. Thweatt told the jury to seriously consider whether or not Head could have shot himself at an angle that would be consistent with the injuries the medical examiner found in the autopsy.

After about one hour of deliberating jurors asked to hear the medical examiners testimony read back.

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