Justice For Bogey


A three year old Pit Bull named Bogey was adopted out to a family in Westfield Pennsylvania nearly three weeks ago. Shortly after dropping him off with his new family, Donna Lawrence received a phone call stating that Bogey had attacked a member of his new family and that they would need to come back and pick him up. Not long after receiving that phone call Lawrence received another call stating that the families friend would be taking Bogey. 

According to Bogey’s trainer while he was with Lawrence she states that there were no signs of aggression, he would play and sometimes come on a little strong but took well to being corrected. She even goes so far as to say that Bogey began to mingle with Lawrence’s ‘pack’ of dogs and was taking to it quite well.

After the phone calls from the day that Bogey had been dropped off, Lawrence began to receive differing reports. One stating that Bogey had been shot and killed, another stating he had been taken by a family friend, lastly stating that he had been taken by animal control and was euthanized. Lawrence reached out to the Tioga County Humane Society where she finally received confirmation of what she had feared. “She said yeah, I shot and killed the dog he attacked me, well where’s the body? First the body was in her backyard then it was in the neighbors yard and they didn’t really go demand her to show the body.”

Lawrence’s thoughts began to wander to the sad truth of what really happened to Bogey. She received word from a third party this afternoon that Bogey had in fact been shot twice in the head and was buried in his new families backyard.

 Pennsylvania has laws against animal cruelty, however, if you are attacked or threatened by an animal you do have the right to take what ever means necessary to defend yourself. That is known by Libre’s Law where penalties range from the severity of the case. If found guilty of animal abuse in Pennsylvania someone could find themselves with up to 7 years in jail and up to $15,000 in fines. 

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