Karrie Neurauter will serve 1-3 years in state prison for her role in the Aug. 2017 killing of her mother, Michele Neurauter.

Karrie Neurauter previously pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the case.

But in light of the confession of her father, Lloyd Neurauter, who said he had psychologically manipulated his daughter for years and even threatened to kill himself if Karrie did not assist him in the killing, Steuben County Judge Peter Bradstreet agreed to reduce the charge to second-degree manslaughter at the request of Karrie’s attorney David Hoffman.

Karrie Neurauter will initially be sent to Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in Westchester County, where female state prisoners are first processed, and in his opinion he believes that will likely be where she will serve out her sentence.

Her father, Lloyd Neurauter, who was sentenced Dec. 7 to life without parole in his ex-wife’s killing, he remains in Steuben County Jail until a determination about his placement is made by the state prison system.

Lloyd Neurauter will ultimately end up at one of the state’s top-security prisons, at Dannemora, Attica, Sing-Sing, or Auburn.

Credit: The Corning Leader

Author: James Post