On Wednesdays during 18 News at Noon, we bring you Law Talk to answer questions that you, our viewers submit to be answered by our team of lawyers. In this edition of Law Talk attorney Matt Buzzetti discusses another topic that could potentially land you in trouble.

Matt discusses a topic that some are absolutely against using, and some embrace, Self-Checkout lines. Matt discusses a newer trend in the industry of people being charged for petit larceny for not scanning items at a self-checkout line. He is not discussing the people that intentionally shoplift by not scanning, he is discussing the ones that are being charged for accidentally not scanning an item.

By law petit larceny has to be intentional, however, even if it is accidental, you may be charged, have to go to court, and even hire a lawyer, before it is settled. So it is up to you if you want to use them, or if you don’t, however, if you do, be extra vigilant in making sure you ring everything up.

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