Law Talk brings you answers to questions that you, our viewers submit to be answered by our team of lawyers. In this edition of Law Talk, attorney Megan Collins discusses winter sports accidents.

It is that time of year when many people in the area ski and snowboard. And it should not come as a surprise that both of those activities inherently come with a fair amount of risks. Assumed risks can include personal injury and even death, due to different factors such as variations in terrain, weather conditions, and even from others that are sharing the same facilities.

Each year there are approximately 40 fatalities nationwide when it comes to skiers and snowboarders, however, last year there was a spike up to 57 fatalities, including a teen from the Syracuse area. Each year many more individuals suffer additional injuries.

Attorney Collins discusses when does a particular danger go beyond that which can be reasonably anticipated by a skier or snowboarder? She discusses the New York State Safety In Skiing Code, and the rules which skiers and snowboarders have to follow.

She also discusses reckless and intentional conduct, which cannot be reasonably anticipated.

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