The Horseheads couple, whose dogs were killed by a reckless driver back in August, has made some progress in getting a law passed to increase penalties for hitting and killing leashed animals on the road.

Bill and Margie Hopkins’ petition on has gotten more than 3,000 signatures from people across the state, country and even as far as Ireland. Hopkins said they have the support of Senator Tom O’Mara, and Representative Chris Friend, to sponsor a bill in the state legislature. The couple has also been contacted by Chemung County Legislator Joe Brennan, who wants to help Hopkins get the law passed locally. Brennan wants to name it the “Molly and Lucy Law,” after the Hopkins’ late dogs.

“To be able to have a law you know have a law written is certainly one of our – something that we pursue but to attach our dogs names to them is pretty special,” Bill Hopkins said. “You know whatever they call it we just want to be able to have a justice for a dogs and to protect people in the future from these type of events occurring.”

Hopkins has also learned the Chemung County District Attorneys Office is pressing misdemeanor charges against the woman who was driving the van that killed Molly and Lucy this past summer.

“He showed me a statue or a law in a book that – where animal cruelty charges can be pressed against this woman for misdemeanor charges,” Hopkins said. “So we’re absolutely thrilled about that, to have that much support you know with the law and all that entails is very encouraging.”

Hopkins also met with a representative from the Finger Lakes SPCA last week to try to gain the support of that organization as well.

To sign the Hopkins’ petition on follow this link.