It’s not just Republicans trying to unseat Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo– there’s a Libertarian in the race too.

Larry Sharpe visited Central New York on Monday, including a stop to the controversial Film Hub in DeWitt. 

Sharpe calls the Film Hub an example of Cuomo’s failures. Sharpe says:

“We are standing in front of the Film Hub because it is a perfect example of crony capitalism. It’s a perfect example of the damage that can be done when the government thinks that it knows everything. The problem right now is our current governor, King Andrew, believes he knows what’s right for everything.”

“Right now, it’s a bunch of money put into a hole, that we can do nothing with,” Sharpe says.

Sharpe didn’t just attack Cuomo, he also took on his Republican opponents.

Sharpe says:

“They can’t find somebody to run. They’re going to find someone who’s a sacrificial lamb. They’re going to run somebody because they have to run, but they are going to lose. A vote for a Republican this year is a wasted vote, but a vote for Larry Sharpe – that’s a vote that can be a win.”

Sharpe includes Syracuse-area State Senator John DeFrancisco on his list of Republicans who have no chance.

The Libertarian feels it’s the time for his party, and wants to inform people they have another choice to the parties who, he feels, have sacrificed values for victory.

Sharpe adds:

“The Libertarian Party can pick up all the people who are saying, ‘you know – I kind of want the Make America Great Again, but I don’t want to be mean against immigrants and Mexicans.'”

We’ve reached out to the State Democratic Party Committee and the DeFrancisco Campaign for reaction to Sharpe’s comments. 

A spokesperson for DeFrancisco declines comment. We haven’t yet heard back from the Democratic Committee.