Chicone Cabinet Makers held a woodcutting ceremony this morning as Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul made a stop to highlight New York State Investment and Upstate job creation. Chicone Cabinet Makers was a winner of a state grant that they had been competing for since 2015.

“This money allows for an expansion and allows me to spread my wings, we are a little tight in here right now so it’ll be wood storage, it’ll be manufacturing and then it’ll be a spot for us to expand our business in Upstate New York.” Said Vincent Chicone, Owner of Chicone Cabinet Makers.

 “The money spent here allows the business that’s been here the opportunity to grow now and we do that all over, that is the formula of success from Governor Cuomo’s economic development strategy.” Said Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul in response to what this money is hoped to be used for once they’ve been rewarded.

Vincent has been a part of Chicone Cabinet Makers for the last 15 years, it is a family owned business that has been running since 1953. When talking about the money that they received Chicone says they just wrap their heads around the fact, he says if you love what you do then you don’t mind coming every day and you go on vacation every time you go to ‘work’.

Wife of Vincent Chicone, Sarah Chicone says they are full of gratitude to the state for the grant they received, “We appreciate the support by the state in small businesses, we’ve been a New York State business for three generations and it’s nice to see the state invest in small businesses, Upstate particularly They kind of make the bedrock of the community here… We’re committed to our county we’re committed to our village and it’s great to see the State is committed to us.”