HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) – After serving the people of Elmira for more than 80 years, Light’s Bakery & Coffee Shop will open a second location this Saturday in Horseheads. Owner Gaetano Ruggiero confirmed the new location is on 707 South Main Street, which used to be a butcher shop. A new sign posted on the building says it will be a collaboration with Emma’s Coffee, formerly known as “Fits & Sips.” The Light’s Bakery Elmira location on 211 W 2nd Street will stay open.

Mr. Ruggiero, who also owns Louies and Guiseppe’s pizza in Horseheads, purchased the Light’s Bakery Elmira location in February. Property records show the previous owner was Harold E. Carlton. In an April 19th post on the Light’s Bakery Facebook page, Jodi Skroskznik wrote “My name is Jodi. I am from the old Lights Family. This business has run in our lineage since 1942. Great milestones have taken place throughout my families history here at the bakery; and also moments of struggle + learning. I vowed to stay on + work alongside the Ruggiero family as they transitioned into Light’s Bakery & Coffeeshop. I also am happy to be the liaison between our products + community.”

On Sunday, Jodi made another post announcing she was moving on to a new chapter in her life. “It’s time for me to say goodbye. For over 82 years countless beautiful humans have crossed through the doors of Lights Bakery. We will always consider each customer + employee family.” Jodi clarified the Elmira location will stay open, adding “Lights will remain OPEN, with valuable additions coming for our community. With the change of hands, please continue to welcome them as they oversee keeping a community tradition alive.”

In a September 25th post on Instagram, the account @emmascoffeehouse_ posted a message saying “Fits & Sips” on 123 W Franklin Street in Horseheads was permanently closed, but a new coffee shop would be reopening soon at a new location in collaboration with Light’s Bakery. The new location was not revealed, but the post did say “ps – this location has a parking lot.”