ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Lime Bikes have been in Elmira for approaching one year offering residents and tourists in Elmira a more active, and easy going way to move about the city.

Lime Bikes is a company that offers electric assist bicycles that anyone can use. It is a bike sharing service so it is simple for anyone with a smartphone and credit card to set up and start riding.

18 News had a discussion with Nicolette Wagoner, Elmira-Chemung Transportation Council Director and Brent Stermer, 2nd District Councilman for Elmira, about Lime Bikes and their impact on the city so far.

Nicolette discussed how the bikes have opened people up to access the different trails that they otherwise would not have gone too. She mentions how it provides more people transportation for the city and downtown.

Brent mentions that though the bikes are electric assist, you still have to pedal to get them moving. Which in turn promotes a more active lifestyle. He mentions how anyone can use the bikes to move around downtown and how it is easier than a car. Especially when it comes to parking, Brent mentions how you can just leave the bike on a curb and go about your business.

To use a Lime Bike, download the Lime Bike app on either your iOS or Android device and scan the QR code on the bike. It is $1.00 to unlock the bike and $0.15 per minute after you unlock it.

If you are a student and register with a .edu email address, you receive a discount to us Lime Bikes.

Lime Bike offers micromobility options in more than 100 cities in 27 different states and Washington D.C.