Amber Slocum thought she was going to South Main Auto Shop in Avoca to be the subject of a video giving tips on how to properly choose a used car. What she received when she got there was even greater that she could have imagined. 

Eric Obrochta, the owner of South Main Auto Shop recently submitted a video to a contest that won the shop a prize of $5,000. Instead of keeping that money, they decided to use it to pay it forward.

“We had already made a decision that we were gonna pay it forward or fix it forward.” Eric said. 

South Main worked with other nearby auto shops including NAPA and Affordable Auto in Bath to make  a gently used 2010 Ford Fusion run like a brand new car. The car was completely refurbished, including a new front bumper, new tires, a new battery, new brakes and more. 

Amber’s car was on its last leg. Costly repairs were needed more often, her engine light was almost always on, and sometimes her heat didn’t work. 

Eric presented Amber with a letter on behalf of the entire shop saying that the car would be hers for no cost, and no strings attached. 

“I cant say thank you enough. I can never do anything that is going to be good enough to show my gratitude.” Amber said

To see the full video with Amber’s reaction, click here.