Local business safety during an active shooting situation


Sheriff Christopher Moss with Chemung County Sheriff’s Office provided insight on how local businesses can help prevent and stay protected during an active shooter situation, in light of a shooting at a Maryland newspaper.

“I’m not sure you can prevent something like this from happening, but normally we tell businesses that we have active shooting training,” Moss said. “The amount of money you want to spend to keep your business safe, you have to take that into account. Most businesses can’t have an armed guard, or a medal detector at the front door.”

Sheriff Moss said making sure you have a plan in place is key, and making sure employees know exactly what that plan is.

“If you can get away and leave the business through an exit, that’s the way to go,” Moss said. “If you can’t do that, lock yourself in a room and keep totally quiet. If you are in an open area, hide under a desk or find concealment. The last two recommendations we say are to play dead, or if you are fighting for your life approach the attacker and try to disarm the person. The last is the most dangerous, but if your life is at risk that is what you have to do.”

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