ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM)- Many say there’s no better way to wish a Happy Mother’s Day than flowers. We checked in with some local florists ahead of the holiday. Joseph Thresher, Owner of Emily’s Florist, is preparing for a busy weekend.

“This is the biggest weekend of the year. It is proving to be that already. Orders have been coming in fast and furious all week and they keep coming in at a faster pace as the days go by.”

Joseph Thresher, Owner Emily’s Florist

Some shops are already seeing the increase of business ahead of the holiday. Since flowers are in high demand, the shops are acting according with preparations being made to accommodate the influx of business.

“I’ve been getting products in everyday ahead of Mother’s Day. We’re pumping out orders as quick as we can to get the orders out to everyone.”

Robert Conrad, Owner, Floral Fantasy