ELMIRA, NY (WETM)- The New York gun law has been controversial and now so is the courts ruling. Critics point to the ongoing string of mass shootings and warn rulings like this one can only make things worse. However, not everyone in New York State sees it that way.

Prior to this ruling from SCOTUS, New Yorkers wanting a permit to carry a concealed gun needed a “proper cause” to do to, that “proper cause” is no longer needed.

Chemung County Sheriff Bill Schrom is in favor of this ruling.

“It’s certainly a plus for Second Amendment folks who really want to have that right to be able to carry when they want to carry not have to worry about it,” says Schrom, “…even though it allows for everybody to carry concealed in New York state, it doesn’t mean you have to, it just gives you the right to do so.”

Schrom says that in Chemung County it costs $15 to apply for a pistol permit, you’ll go through multiple background and mental health checks and if you’re approved for a pistol permit, you’ll get approved for a carry conceal permit.

When asked if he was worried that there may be an uptick in violence due to this ruling his response was, “No concern whatsoever. I think what people need to remember that it’s the law abiding citizens that are going through this process to secure that right to carry a handgun. This isn’t the criminal that doesn’t have to go through any checks and balances. They simply obtain the gun any way they can and they’re not going to abide by any rules.”

Schrom followed that up by saying that if more law abiding citizens have the ability to be armed that could possibly deter others from taking action against them or the community.

He is, however, upset that Governor Hochul is against this ruling. This decision came moments before Hochul was about to sign Alyssa’s Law into law, a law that would put panic buttons in schools.

“They have taken away our rights to have reasonable restrictions We can have restrictions on speech. You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater, but somehow there’s no restrictions allowed on the Second Amendment,” said Hochul this morning during a live stream.

Zachary Pugh from Pugh’s Self-Protection and Combatives is also in favor of this ruling.

“The Supreme Court said the laws are unconstitutional. So, regardless if the governor doesn’t agree with it, she’s gonna have to abide by it, because it obviously got shut down in court,” says Pugh.

One point brought up by both Pugh and Schrom is that the term “proper-cause” is never defined in the New York Law, which left the decision up to individual judges. Which Pugh and Schrom both agree was not fair.

“Nobody’s a criminal until they are, you can have a good citizen that has no criminal history whatsoever, that gets a gun and then decides to act out. There’s never any way to stop it,” says Pugh, “It’s not necessarily the tool we’ve seen before. You know, Timothy McVeigh used fertilizer, you know, to blow up a whole bunch of people. 911, there was not a single gunshot fired but yet 3000 Americans were killed just based off the tool they use. So evil people are going to do evil things.”

Pugh adds that everyone has the right to self defense and if they feel safer carrying a concealed pistol then they should have they right to do so.