They’ve tried our wines for years, but now they’re here. America’s wine bloggers are arriving in the Finger Lakes region for the 2015 Wine Bloggers Conference.

“We have about 250-275 vetted bloggers from throughout North America who have flown and drove in for this event and it’s going to give them a first-hand experiential opportunity here in the region that cannot be duplicated in any way, and they represent millions of readers across the world,” Paul Thomas, Executive Director for the Seneca Lake Wine Trail said.

“It’s not just having a handful or a couple hundred people visiting, it’s people with influence and people who are shaping opinions,” Chris Missick, Owner of Villa Bellangelo, said.

The bloggers will attend seminars, eat at local restaurants and go on excursions to numerous wineries throughout the Finger Lakes.

“This is the best way to see the Finger Lakes, to taste wines and vintages from different wineries in a region that I grew up in,” Glynis Hill, a Washington, D.C. based blogger for Vino Noire, said.

The conference is great exposure for the wineries that make the Finger Lakes region so great. The bloggers will write about their experiences here, which could draw more people to the area and encourage them to try New York wines.

“It’s really exciting when you think about it, these bloggers conferences have been in some of the best wine regions in the U.S. and it’s great to be welcoming them here,” Missick said. “We’ve had the opportunity to share a lot of our wines with them, we’ve been sending them samples, and we are geared up to pour a lot of samples for them while they’re here.”

The wine bloggers conference is expected to become a top international trending topic on Twitter this weekend, which will also give the Finger Lakes region some significant exposure. The conference is hosted by the Radisson in Corning and ends on Sunday.