Pennsylvania State Police have canceled an Amber Child Abduction Alert for Luzerne County in Pennsylvania. 

Three-year-old Ava Byrne, was reported abducted by her father, 24-year-old Robert Byrne. 

Authorities found the little girl in Queens, N.Y. safe with her father, who is now in police custody, this afternoon around 2:30 p.m. after an extensive search and amber alert that spanned two states. 

Ava’s aunt, McKenna Cyr said Robert Byrne had been acting strange and that this was not the first time he threatened to take his daughter. 

“He keeps saying he’s been hearing voices and that he wants to bury them in the back yard and he’s saying he wants to kill them,” Cyr said. “The voices are telling him to kill them and he leaves in the middle of the night just leaves and doesn’t say anything.”

Cyr added that Robert Byrne has not been diagnosed with any psychological problems, but that he has been very violen toward his girlfriend, Ava’s mother, Morgan Barela – who is pregnant with another child. 

Cyr said she thinks drugs could be the reason for his strange behavior.