Anticipations stir for Woodstock 2019

Local News

The 50th anniversary of Woodstock has been the talk of the town in downtown Watkins Glen since the announcement Thursday morning.

Some local residents said Woodstock 50 will be a nostalgic event, one that will bring back memories that marked the 1960s.

Although ticket prices haven’t been released yet, high prices are anticipated. 

“I’m kind of torn about it,” Brett Beardslee, a local resident, said. “I’m excited about it, but at the same time I think that the thing that made the original Woodstock so magical is that not everyone was rich.”

Beardslee said he hopes some of the original vibes of Woodstock will come through including some of the original musical performers.  

Area residents who attended Summer Jam of 1973 said they hope attendance for Woodstock will not be as extensive as the hundreds of thousands of people who showed up for the Summer Jam event. 

Some believe Woodstock is such a statement event and that the desire for people to attend will be magnified.

“They so underestimated the turnout and that was just with a couple bands,” a local resident, Philip Davis, said about Summer Jam. “If they do what they’re talking about doing here, I would be shocked if they could handle the capacity of the people who want to come here.”

At a press conference Thursday, Watkins Glen International said that based on past events, they expect roughly up to 100,000 people to attend Woodstock this summer.  

The line up has not been released yet as plans are still underway. Tickets are expected to be out for sale in February. 

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