As the terrorist attacks in Paris unfolded Friday night, one area man watched the news in horror, wondering if his family was safe.  
Morten Hallgren said, “Obviously I mean people are trying to install fear over there.”
And fear is exactly what Morten Hallgren felt watching the Paris attacks unfold on the news Friday night. 
Morten Hallgren: “The first reaction is to worry about the people close to you and kind of reach for the phone and find out if everybody is ok and then of course there’s a lot of sympathy for the families over there.”
Hallgren has family of his own in France and Paris. He was thankful to receive the news that they were all ok.
He said, “I talked to my mother in the South of France and they are basically shaken I mean they are, they are after that you kind of thing you look over your shoulders and you look around people and things around you in a different way than normally if you have peace of mind.”
Hallgren was raised in the South of France but was attracted to our area because of our emerging world class wines.
Hallgren’s family owns a vineyard in the South of France. As a second generation winemaker himself…he moved to the Finger Lakes Region to open Ravines Wine Cellars with his wife Lisa. 
Quintin Golnouvel of Burgundy France now studies at Ravines as an intern, he described how he felt when he learned of the attacks on Paris. 
Golnouvel said, “I feel very bad like sick, and Saturday was very terrible for me and for everybody of France.”
Golnouvel said he is happy about the support his boss, and the United States as a whole is showing the people of Paris during this tragedy. 
Morten Hallgren said, “Everybody is obviously shaken up and worried but i think it’s important to keep it together and just show sympathy in solidarity with the people living there.”