Brock’s World: Living without fear part 2

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Generally speaking, we all tend to desire in having a purpose in this big world. 

Brock Yarnes, at 21 years old with Cerebral Palsy, is already making moves. 

Not only does he have a job, pay bills and live independently with the help of his caretaker, Christina Paliotta, but he’s also inspiring those across the community with a determination to show that his disability is not an inability to reach his goals. 

“There are these views and mindsets of people that have disabilities and special needs, that they’re their own kind of section — they’re over there — and people don’t know how to talk to them,” Paliotta said. “And then there’s Brock, and he’s so easy to talk to and he’s this connection representing people with disabilities and special needs and other people.”

Earlier this year, Brock threw a birthday party to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation (CPF).

DJ DopeOne, a local DJ, met him a few months before. He was intrigued by Brock’s idea and spearheaded the event

“Brock being so inspiring is kind of what motivated to want to do something special for him,” DJ DopeOne said. “It’s just a selfless act from the beginning.”

That night, Brock raised about $2,000 that he will be delivering to the CPF headquarters in New York City next month. 

One of the party guests and a student at Corning Community College, Jordan Turner, became a friend of Brock’s after having been captivated by Brock’s personality and inspiration to be more. 

“When I first met Brock, I have to be honest with you, I was completely blown away, he seemed like he didn’t let his disability get him down,” Turner, who also suffers from Cerebral Palsy, said.
“Being disabled and having Cerebral Palsy, it’s very hard with me and Brock, sometimes, we have to work twice as hard just to do the bare minimum.”

Hard — but nothing strong comes easy. Brock’s persona and drive to motivate himself influenced Turner as well. 

“Brock just continues to encourage me to keep going, to not give up and to not let my disability get me down,” Turner said. 

Brock’s domino effect even impacted his physical therapist. 

“It really helps you recognize that things aren’t always as bad as they seem, and kind of make yourself more positive and also try to have a more positive impact on everybody else as well,” Ross Denkenberger, a physical therapist assistant at Elite Therapy, said. 

“This ripple effect that Brock is creating is just enormous, he has been a major influence and inspiration in my life, people all through social media, they’ve been absolutely blowing up social media, still, about the Brock’s World Event back in January,” Turner said. “I encourage Brock to keep up the good work and keep doing what he’s doing because he has a purpose in this world, as does everybody.”

“There’s nothing really Brock can take for granted, so he appreciates every little thing and it’s mind-blowing,” Paliotta said. “The person he has helped me become will always be there, no matter what, and I think that’s the impression Brock leaves on everybody.”

Brock’s passion lies not merely on surviving but on flourishing past the societal barrier for the disabled and special needs. It’s knowing that each one of us, despite our differences can serve our purpose in this big world, just as in Brock’s world. 

Brock plans on making a trip to the “Big Apple” late March to personally deliver donations to the CPF. Until then, Brock will continue to fundraise through his Facebook page.

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