Calves recover after found on highway

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Three lucky calves started the new year on the way to a healthy recovery at the Farm Sanctuary at Watkins Glen

In December, over a dozen calves were found dispersed across the Southern Tier Expressway after they fell out of a fast-moving truck.

The calves were making the journey from New York, through Pennsylvania, to their fate at a veal processing plant in Ohio. 

Of the 15 calves, only three survived. 

Two of which have been recovering at the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen. The third calf remains at

Cornell University’s Nemo Farm Animal Hospital with serious injuries.

“This tragedy, in which a lot of those calves did lose their lives, was the best thing that ever happened to these three,” Susie Coston, the Farm Sanctuary’s National Shelter Director, said. “They’re not going to be slaughtered at 14 months or six months or three months, they’re going to actually be allowed to be who they are.”

Although the calves continue their paths to steady recoveries, they also continue to suffer from a number of infections including ringworm. 

“They have a virus, which is called the rotavirus, which is making them have a lot of upper respiratory symptoms,” Coston said. “They also have cryptosporidium, which is giving them diarrhea, so we have to watch them so they don’t get dehydrated.”

The lucky calves serve as ambassadors for the millions of calves, just like them, who continue to pass through the industry unnoticed. 

“It’s easy to look at these animals and be like, oh it’s so sad for these animals and I’m so glad that they’re rescued, but I think it’s harder for people to push that over to just how many of these animals are in the same situation and are facing some pretty horrific living conditions,” Tara Hess, Watkins Glen Shelter Director for the Farm Sanctuary, said. 

The Farm Sanctuary said the calves are looking to recover by the spring, just in time for warm weather. 

“That’s really what we’re giving them, it’s the security, a home and then eventually they will have a big family,” Coston said. 

Those looking to help the young survivors recover can donate to the Farm Sanctuary through their website

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