Cat Found Soaked in Gasoline Now Recovering

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Covered in gasoline for an unknown length of time, a cat believed to be around 12 years of age is now gradually recovering, and questions being asked on why it was found in such a suspicious state.

“The cat had clearly been somehow doused head to toe in gasoline in the fumes were really horrendous. At this time we have no reason to believe it was done intentionally we just have no idea how it might of occurred,” Kathy Dessena, President of the Hornell Area Humane Society said.

Fortunately a spark never found it’s way to the cat, who employees at the shelter have named Cinder, after he had become soaked in gas.

However, he was still burned, as a result of the chemicals.

“Imagine if that’s on you for a prolonged period of time and because he’s got the fur, it doesn’t just evaporate, like it doesn’t just dry and its by his eyes and his mouth so all his mucous membranes so it’s caustic,” Cheri Erwin, Vet Tech at the Hornell Animal Shelter said.

So far Cinder has spent about five days here at the Hornell Animal Shelter getting treatment. But soon, he’ll leave here to spend an unknown amount of time under intense veterinary care, where doctors will get a closer look into his external and possibly internal injuries.

And even though Cinder may not necessarily be young, he certainly is not old by a cat’s standards.

Although he’s still in rough shape at the moment, the humane society has big plans once he’s all better.

“We’re hoping that he will continue to get better because he has been showing signs of improvement and he is eating so we’re helping with the right care that he’ll make a full recovery and then he can be adopted out,” Dessena said.

The humane society did say the Hornell Police Department has been notified of the what happened to Cinder, and they are keeping an eye for any more potentially suspicious activity. 

You can help Cinder by donating to the Frosty Fund through the Hornell Area Humane Society.

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