Celebrating an anniversary with an old-fashion mural painting

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Gibbs Connors is a modern artist but delves into an old style of advertising businesses often used. It’s called “wall-dogging” and he goes around the U.S. painting signs as people would have seen a century or more ago

“It’s all I’ve ever done, is paint signs for the past 31 years,” Connors said. “I’ve never ventured outside of that or picked up a second job or anything like that.”

He’s painting a mural for Howell Liberatore and Associates, an advertising agency that is celebrating 75 years in business.

“That’s a pretty long time for an agency to be around, especially an advertising agency because it’s such an evolving world,” Eiron Smith, the president of Howell Liberatore and Associates, said. “So we decided to kind of go back to early stages of advertising and one of the first signs of advertising is really hand painting signs on a building.”

It’s also a form of advertising Connors simply enjoys doing.

“My passion for it is that it’s just too much fun, it’s a great time,” Connors said. “I love to be up there, you know up on a wall, lettering, appreciate things like a nice breeze and the warmth of the sun on a cold day.”

His passion’s work, he said, is a statement to the test of time that puts quality over quantity.

“It’s not something that’s done a lot these days,” Connors said. “Most people, they just want fast and cheap as possible and this is really neither.”

Connors is expected to finish this mural by Wednesday, weather permitting that is.

“It’s been awfully rainy and here, the sun’s out,” Smith said. “It feels like a summer day so we’ll thank Shelby (Clark) for her beautiful report.”

Tune to 18 News at 11 p.m. tomorrow night to see the finished mural.

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