The Chemung County Jail is understaffed with part-time employees. The jail can carry up to 20 part-time employees, but there are only 4 right now, according to Acting Sheriff, Bill Schrom.

“We always have the minimum staffing level so we have the proper amount of people there,” Schrom said. “Overtime is where it effects us in terms of the budget when we don’t have people to come in and cover for sick time or vacation and things like that.”

The County Jail is facing an under staff problem because only 16 people took the previous Part Time Correctional Officer Test.

“15 passed and we hired only 3 or 4 that met our criteria,” Schrom said. In order to apply, you need to be a resident of Chemung County.

The most recent test was in November, and Schrom said they are waiting for those results and then will hire off of that particular list. As soon as that list expires, they will call for another test.