The Chemung County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report on Sept. 10 in the Town of Elmira of a neighbor being attacked by a dog.

Deputies conducted an investigation at Jerusalem Hill Rd. and learned that the resident, 24-year-old Jamar McDowell raises American Bull Dogs. 

A two-year-old female owned by McDowell allegedly aggressively attacked a neighbor while they were outside in their yard. 

The investigation also revealed McDowell did not have any of the dogs registered with the Town as required by the state, as well as by the Town of Elmira Code.

McDowell was issued a summons charging him with numerous violations including six counts of failure to license a dog over four months of age, one count of a dog being off the owner’s property without a leash, and one count of chase, jump upon or at, or otherwise harass any person to reasonably cause intimidation or fear of bodily harm or injury. 

Mcdowell faces a fine and or up to 15 days in jail if convicted of the charges. He is scheduled to appear in the Town of Elmira Court at a later date.