HAMMONDSPORT, N.Y. (WETM-18) – This Fourth of July hundreds of people are expected to travel to the Finger Lakes to enjoy the holiday weekend. For many dock owners it has been a long process cleaning up the docks after a harsh winter the Southern Tier faced this year.

Family and friends gather on their dock on Keuka Lake Thursday afternoon to kick off their holiday weekend. It is hard to believe six months ago Keuka Lake had thick ice crashing into docs and destroying property. Six months later it is calm waters and smooth sailing.

One dock owner, Mark Goodwin said, “The one thing I said after I would never complain about the heat after this nice cold winter.”

He is one of the lucky ones. His dock didn’t see any damage by the ice.
“When the ice starts moving, it really doesn’t help a lot. I happened to be home and did the best to push the ice away from the dock with a two by four.”

However not everyone was as lucky as the Goodwins. One historic dock built by Glen Curtis saw some damage but the owners aren’t blaming anyone but Mother Nature.

Dale Kramer, another dock owner said, “We didn’t have any ice here, the spring we see ice sheets getting blown down the lake. And there is nothing you can do but watch it coming and hope it doesn’t hit you.”

The historic dock has stood against harsh winters for hundreds of years. The Kramers do not plan on changing what they will do next winter to protect the dock. For them they feel it is out of their hands.

“All the other years is just hoping, so we are going to do the same thing, fix it and hope and pray.”

And for this Fourth of July weekend the Kramers are going to enjoy their dock a little more than usual. “We have put our dues in and we are going to enjoy it now.”