Frank Acomb speaks out on Duane Eddy’s rejection in Steuben County Hall of Fame

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Frank Acomb, the host of the talk show, Frankly Speaking, voiced his concern about the rejection of his nomination for Duane Eddy in the Steuben County Hall of Fame.

Acomb said Eddy, a Corning native, is a rock ‘n roll legend who is featured in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Musicians Hall of Fame.

Steuben County Manager, Jack Wheeler, who helped set up the process for the Steuben County Hall of Fame, said it’s not a slight to anyone who was not selected the first time around.

“We always get high-quality nominations, Mr. Eddy is certainly one of them, but I think folks who went into the Hall of Fame this year were also very very deserving as well,” Wheeler said.

This year’s inductees include Richard Snavely, the founder of Family Life Ministries. Carroll and Patricia Haines were also inducted for their strong roots in the local community. They have owned local business, Haines Equipment Inc., that has grown nationally for more than 57 years. The last inductee was Richard Call, a World War II and Korean War veteran with strong ties with his hometown.

Each year, the committee of 12 who represent the people of Steuben County, reviews submitted nominations from the public.

The committee consists of people from education, government and the private sector to choose who would be in the Hall of Fame.

The Steuben County Historian receives and compiles the nominations, including those from past years that were not awarded.

“When you have an 81-year-old living legend who still plays, I think of the opportunity they could’ve brought to Steuben County, maybe playing a show or just accepting the award,” Acomb said. “For a guy who has always bragged that he’s from Corning, it bothers me that we’ve done nothing in return.”

Wheeler said that he understands Frank’s concerns and that Mr. Eddy has accomplished great things, and believes that it was a year with a lot of tough choices.

“This takes nothing away from the people who got in the Hall of Fame, congratulations to them, well deserved, but Duane Eddy also deserved that respect,” Acomb said.

Wheeler said Eddy’s name will automatically be included for consideration next year.

Nominations are accepted year round and are announced in the spring.

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