How long can frozen food last in your freezer? That’s what several viewers asked after a recent report on some 2-year-old pizzas sold by a dollar store.

So, we checked with the USDA, which sets food safety standards. It sets the following guidelines for frozen food:

   Hamburger: 4 months.
   Fish: 6 months.
   Pie: 8 months.
   Chicken breasts: 9 months.
   Whole turkey or steak: 12 months.

But in a deep freezer, the USDA says food can last decades, saying, “food stored at 0 degrees should last indefinitely. Only quality suffers with long term storage.”

One caution: The USDA says food frozen for the long term should be kept in a deep freezer at zero degrees, not in your kitchen freezer where the door opens 5 times a day, and the temperature may only be 25 degrees.

So stay safe and don’t waste your money.