Journey Fitness To Pull Fire Truck

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Journey Fitness trainers and members are participating in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade but they won’t be on top of a float. Instead they will be moving a 72,000 pound Elmira Heights fire truck together.

Journey Fitness Owner, Travis Barnes said he loves to support local heroes and wanted to challenge his clients for this year’s spring parade.

“We love our local firefighters you know they are the heroes in the community and we have a couple members at Journey Fitness that are firefighters so we reached out to them and we said, you know Journey Fitness doesn’t like to do anything lazy-style we like to do it so we can’t just stand on the float we have to push and pull our float, so we ask the local fire department we said can we push and pull your truck one of your trucks,” said Barnes. 

Luckily one of their own is a volunteer fire fighter in Elmira Heights. Gary Patelunas attributes his own health journey to his hard work at Journey Fitness. He said tests he formerly failed he can now complete and he’s off some medications he used to rely on. 

“Now I’ve successfully become an interior firefighter again over the last two years because of Journey Fitness and the stamina and the endurance that you have now is so much greater because of the exercising so it really attributes to a lot to being able to help the community and perform your job as a volunteer fireman,” said Patelunas.

“I was a diabetic on blood pressure medicine now I’m off all blood pressure medicine, diabetes shots and pills so I’ve got 100% good health, thank God for that.”

Patelunas will be driving the fire truck which weighs 72,380 pounds, equivalent to 36.19 tons.

Barnes said it will take every single one of his approximately 100 members and trainers to complete this task and he’s excited to demonstrate the power of teamwork. 

“We just want to show people you know what’s possible and you know what teamwork makes the dream work right so what’s possible is if you get a group of people working together you cannot only lose weight you cannot only get in shape but you can do some pretty amazing things,” said Barnes.

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